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There are approximately 17,000 new hip fractures in Australia and 4,000 in New Zealand annually.
The cost of the event is enormous, both for the individual and their family as well as the health care
system. We know there is variation in practice models within and between States and Territories
(Aus) and District Health Boards (NZ) and that much of what happens in the acute and rehabilitation
settings impacts directly on the longer term outcomes for the person with the fracture .The people comprising the ANZHFR are a group of clinicians and experts in the field with
representation from a number of key professional organisations.The ANZHFR sets out to achieve a number of goals including:

  • The development of ANZ Guidelines for hip fracture care
  • Defining standards of care and measurable quality indicators
  • Ultimately to develop a ANZ registry to allow for timely comparison of meaningful data which should be used to understand practice and trigger the case for change in places where care might possibly be improved.
Aus mapMore than 17,000 Australians and almost 4,000 New Zealanders break their hip every year, incurring hospital costs of AU$579 Million and NZ$105 Million, respectively.